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CBA is a Vital Marketing tool for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

The Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) is the most common place for commercial real estate agents to listing properties. However, not all real estate agents that sell commercial real estate are members of CBA. In fact, there is a pretty high percentage of residential agents that list and sell commercial real estate, but do not belong to CBA. The problem that this causes is that some of the commercial listings are only in CBA, while others are only in the NWMLS. We market properties in both CBA and the NWMLS.

Flow Chart of Commercial Real Estate Listing Information

CBA vs. the NWMLS listing information

CBA is strictly a commercial real estate listing service and therefore does not have any residential listing information. If one had to choose between only one listing service to marketing their commercial properties, CBA would be the clear choice.

The NWMLS is a listing service for all property types and therefore has blended information. One of the limitations of the NWMLS is that commercial lease listings are not allowed. The NWMLS only has commercial buildings and land property types.
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